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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
13 weeks of frikken pain! I have heard great things about smolov many people add 50 pounds to their squats. It takes a lot of discipline though and the ability to not lose your mind from squatting so much. I am sure your quads/hips/hammies and everything else will grow tho. You will need new pants when you are done.
Heck yeah! I'm lovin' it already in a very sick way. I hope to need new pants

Gym temp: 46 F (I really focus on WARM ups)

Smolov Day 3: January 16, 2009

DB Bench 72x5 (75%)
Chinup BWx5 (75%)
Squat 210x5 (70%)
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets
Squat 210x5
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets
Squat 210x5
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets
Squat 210x5
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets
Squat 225x3
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets
Squat 240x2
repeat DB Bench, Chinup sets (7th and final sets)
Squat 240x2
Squat 270x1 (90%)

Plyometrics, Stretching, planks for abs

musical motivation:

Today was a little tough on the legs, as it was the 3rd day in a row of squating, plus I had lots of sets in between squats which effect how much air I'm sucking when I start squating. The DB Bench and Chins both felt real good. I averaged about 2.5 to 3 minutes between squat sets.

I should mention that I got a belt for Christmas. But I don't plan on using it unless I am going over 90%. I will try to remember to mark beside my lifts if I use a belt. I didn't use a belt on yesterday's Deadlift or today's Squat because they were at 90% and not above it.

For anyone just logging in, I am trying to do Smolov Jr. for my Bench and Chin-ups. It is a grueling thing to add into Smolov for Squats, but I am feeling crazy right now.

Well, I am off to Princeton NJ for three days. I have no squats scheduled for the next three days. Smolov calls for lunges with bodyweight, easy enough to do in a hotel room. See you guys Tuesday.

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