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Default Jan. 13

Preacher Curls: 75lbs (12), 80lbs (10), 80lbs (10), 85lbs (9)

Supersetted w/ Standing Barbell Curls: 4 X Failure

Seated Cable Curls: 40lbs (9), 45lbs (9), 50lbs (9), 55lbs (8)

Standing Dumbbell Concentration Curls: 25lbs (12), 30lbs (12), 35lbs (10), 40lbs (8)

Skull Crushers: 65lbs (9), 75lbs (9), 85lbs (9), 95lbs (5)

Tricep Pushdowns: 140lbs (9), 150lbs (9), 160lbs (9), Triple drop set 150/130/110/90 Failure

Cable Kickbacks: 40lbs (10), 45lbs (10), 50lbs (8)

Supersetted w/

One-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Ext: 15lbs (10), (10), (8)

Good Mornings: 100lbs 3X10

Hanging Leg Raises: 3X10 BW

Exercise-Ball Crunch w/ medicine ball throw: 3X10 w/ 12lb ball

Reverse Woodchoppers: 3X10 35lb DB

The DOMS in my legs today was killer, I could feel it in the middle of the night. This workout went well, I really tried integrating what I read in the Oct issue of JHR, holding the isometric contraction not allowing the lactic acid to escape, it gave me an incredible burn. Probably my only complaint right now is I can't seem to kick this cold, but I know I'm mentally capable of training through it.
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