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Originally Posted by miker44 View Post
(a) congrats on the competition- getting the first one under your belt is always important

(b) your son is the man

(c) good luck with all of your goals, i like the way smolov jr workout looks. how are you going to set your split up so that you can bench four times a week?
a) thanks! I definitely feel I would be less nervous and more focused if I do another.

b) don't I know it! I am totally blessed, I don't know who could watch that video and not want to have a little boy (that will someday grow up into my training partner!)

c) Split? Ha, no split here. Everything is going to have to fit in around Smolov. I will be squating 3 to 4 times per week, so I figured if I bench/chin-up 4 times per week as well I would mash it all together.

All of my workouts will be warmup, Squat, Bench, Chin-up, Squat, Bench, Chin-up, etc, etc.

The bench and chin-up in Smolov Jr are straight sets, so that is easy to do. I won't have to worry about changing any weights around. So when I finish a Squat set I will rest just enough time to catch my breath and set up on the bench, hopefully around 30 seconds, then do my bench set taking about 30 seconds on that. Rest another 30 seconds, do my Chin-ups which should take about 30 seconds, rest 1 minute, change weights and do my next Squat. Total of 3 minutes between squat sets.

Alternative, on the lighter weight bench/chin-up days, I could squeeze two benches in between squat sets and later do two chin-up sets between squats to get more of a hypertrophy effect from the shortened rest period.

I probably won't be using other exercises during the time when I am doing both Smolov Jr and Smolov, but that will only be for about 4 weeks.

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