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Yesterday I did the upper body power weight workout i have posted previously. Then at night I did 20 sprints on bike and some abs/serratus. For serratus I did that at home with my gym bag, holding the handles. Just stuffed things inside to make it weighted, while I lay on my bed and did pullovers w/ it. It was awesome!

Today and tomorrow are really light training, more focused on active recovery. I need an extra day before I go on another heavy cycle; very beat up.

Power calves, arms - 30-50% 1rm, 5-10 reps, high velocity

3 sets alternating dumbbell (20 lbs) w/ french dumbbell (45 lbs)
3 sets incline calve raises w/ reverse tibialis raises on lying hamstring curls
3 sets hammer dumbbells (25s), w/ behind back bench dips w/ body weight.
3 sets occlusion wrist curls

Then some really low intensity cardio and a lot of stretching for my legs.

I have an issue w/ my left hip joint. I work on rehab incessantly, but it just does not appear to be healing. It is not a huge deal and I can work past it, but it is very tight and sometimes hurts during hip flexion movements. Sucks...
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