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Default Jan. 12

Leg Extension: 225lbs (10), 210lbs (12), 195lbs (12), 165lbs (15), 135lbs, kept dropping until I reached the rep amount (20)

Leg Press: 500lbs (12), 450lbs (12), 360lbs (15), 320lbs (15)

Squats: 185lbs (15), 185lbs (15), 135lbs (20), 135lbs (20)

Sissy Squat: 30lbs (10), 25lbs (12), 20lbs (15), BW (20)

Stiff Legged Dumbbell Deadlift: 60's (12), 60's (12), 50's (15), 50's (15)

Leg Curl: 130lbs (15), 120lbs (15), 100lbs (20), 90lbs (20)

Split Jump Squats: 3 X Failure

All these sets were done w/ 30 sec rests, I was dripping w/ sweat by the end of the workout, but I won't allow myself to quit. I had a tough time walking out of the gym and I can only imagine the DOMS that I will have tomorrow, but this is what it's all about.
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