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Saturday was the contest and Sunday I was feeling major soreness in my traps, lower back, and gluts!

But I was angry with myself for sucking at the deadlift, so I decided to smash my squat PR.....but I wanted to really proved something to myself, so I went through the first Smolov workout BEFORE attempting my max.

195 3x8 (3 sets of 8) -> may not seem like much to some, but this was 70% of my old Max of 280lb so it wasn't exactly light for me
210 1x5
220 2x2
240 1x1

This was the workout, then I went 270x1, 290x1 for a 10lb PR and 303x1 for a 23lb PR with sore gluts and back!!!! I was geeked!

EDIT: Note on the Squat PR, I use a 11.5 inch milk crate as reference for my squat PR's to make sure I get below parrallel. I go 'til I feel my butt just tap the crate.

In between squat sets I through in bodyweight dips for 10 reps and lat pulldowns for 10 reps. Did 5 sets each for dips and pulldowns.

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