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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
After seeing J's video I was very inspired. Also saw Layne dead lift 600 the other day which was incredible!!!!

I have to delay my heavy day on deads by 2 days, so I wanted to do some today to maintain my form, adaptations, etc. But I needed a challenge, so I decided to do 315 *20...light weight baby!!! Killed it. It was an awesome feeling. I got a huge pump in my lower back and glutes.

Then I tuned up my legs. I was supposed to get a hard-core hypertrophy workout today on thighs; but since I am going to do that on Saturday, I went lighter, and just stimulated the muscle. Lot of isolation movements really short rest, stretches, etc. It was a very effective workout. Same thing for calves.

Going to do some arms hypertrophy tonight!
315 x 20...HEARD THAT brotha...nice work's not an easy keep separating yourself from the rest
The"Outwork" mindset changed my entire life, perhaps it can help you as well

Muscle Hypertrophy occurs independent of exercise intensity
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