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Default Jan. 6

Squats: 205lbs (15), 225lbs (12), 245lbs (9), 255lbs (7), 265lbs (7), 240lbs (9)
Leg Press: 540lbs (7), 600lbs (7), 500lbs (9)

Hack Squat: 270lbs (9), 320lbs (9), 230lbs (11)

Romanian Deadlifts: 245lbs (7), 265lbs (7), 235lbs (9)

Lying Leg Curls: 160lbs (9), 170lbs (9), 150lbs (11)

Was experiences some leg pain last night similar to the growing pains I had in my teenage years. With some coffee and loud music I didn't thick twice about it. On a bad note when I got to hack squats I was so focus that I hit my knee on a plate when I was walking in between machines, this didn't feel good on the last set.
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