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Back hyper, forearms heavy. Did 3-4 sets per exercise, <1 min rest between sets, 8-12 reps per set. Lots of variety here. I find that works best on my back. As you recall, I don't hit my lower back or serratus on these days; I do that on my "core" day. I also mostly do deloading exercises on my lower back (i.e. lat pull-downs) but still some like bent over rows which I feel are essential.

Stop and go bent over rows 135 10, 155, 10, 175 10
Close grip lat pull-downs 185 10, 175 10, 155 12
Row to chest on a pull-down machine 3 sets forget what wait I did
One arm dumbbell rows w/ 80s. Basically went I go you go between my two arms.
Dumbbell deads 100 10, 120 10, 130 10
Unilateral lat pull-down machine 3 plates aside 2 *10, hold stretch 30 seconds after; 2 +25 aside same; 2 plates same thing
I felt I needed to finish off my middle back, so I did venom rows, some single dumbbell shrugs, and then grabed a plate and did rows w/ that, similar ROM as venom rows

Then 30 mins low intensity cardio and stretching at end.

Great workout.

Back home, back in lab, time to get back to work...
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