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I am somewhat surprised, but then again I am not at just how insane my gains are right now. It seems like this science is really coming together...this is really a journey. Every single day, I literally learn something new about my body and program. I love it!

Last time (2 weeks ago) I lifted heavy, I did 365 2 times. This time...385 TWICE. I felt so good, I had to go up, even though I had not planned to do so. So I went with 4 plates aside...TWICE. Could have gotten more, too. Here is how it went down. Again, I did 3-4 minutes active recovery between sets of squats on the stationary bike. And couple minutes to get psyched up and use imagery before I do the set. If my results don't motivate you to at least try this method, I don't know what will!

135 10, 10
185 10
225 5
275, 5
315 - 2
335 - 2
365 - 1
385 - FIVE!!!
405 - TWICE!!
315 - 10 times, light weight burnout. Felt awesome.

It was sweet because during this, I saw a bunch of people stop and watch. I love that!!!

3 sets heavy calves
3 sets heavy adductor
3 sets heavy leg extension w/ decline sit-ups - extremely steep decline
3 sets abductor

I wrapped through these really fast. Basically I go you go w/ jake.

Then I did power on deads to close it out. I basically go as fast as possible, light weight (20-40% 1rm). Non-failure, 5 reps usually. I find that it works best go moderate on eccentric, then explode on concentric. Otherwise, if you try and go fast on both, it becomes impossible to transition the weight - it will actually resist you on the way up because of all the momentum on the way down. Worked up to 245 on this.

Then I did blood occlusion on bike for thighs, elliptical for calves 5 mins each.

Great workout!
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