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Deadlift, worked up to 386x1, felt heavier than I was expecting considering I lifted it 5 times about 3.5 weeks ago. Well see how this bodes at the contest.

Deadlift POWER, 210 4 sets of 3

Bench, worked up to 250 (my opener) x2 and supersetted it with power cleans, 165 3 sets of 5

Bench POWER 120 3 sets of 5 supersetted with Pendlay Row (paused on top and bottom) 115 3 sets of 5

External Rotations, Face Pulls, Single Leg Deadlifts to finish off

Man, I LOVE Power Cleans. I have just been experimenting with them lately. It's too bad the Smolov program for Squats I am about to start says not to do them. I will enjoy incorporating them after I complete Smolov.

My traps were smashed from this workout.

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