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Thanks, workouts on deadlifts have been insane. Some things that have allowed me to still improve on this cut:

1. Active recovery between sets - works great
2. direct core work - abs, serratus, obliques, lower back. This has made a huge difference in my strength and comfort on deads and other lifts
3. I am actually doing deads less frequently then the past. I believe this is better on a cut, because you can't recover as fast. For example, I have tried doing a lift 2-3 times weekly regularly and LOST strength. I believe because I simply could not recover. So by implement more rest and recovery, I am able to slowly improve
4. I do like 10 warm up sets getting up to my max lifts. I find that slowly raising weight avoids abrupt changes, and my body adapts so much better each time I go up in weight.

Overall, things are going great w/ my program...will keep you guys up to date. Soon I am going to post my whole split...still making few slight mods.
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