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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Are you in the military?

I am considering an Upper Power, Lower Power, Upper Hypertrohpy, Lower Hypertrophy split for the new year. It seems to have some similarities to what you are doing, sort of. Is there a link to the split you use, like Westside for Skinny *******s, or is it your own hybrid. Just hoping to learn more as I consider options for a new split.

By the way, I was looking through some of your youtube videos, sick man, plain sick. Fun to watch, and your arms look diesel.

I was in the Army NG Infantry for 4 years. That test was for a police department applicant test though. I have been trying to become a police officer for the last few years but it is not easy in NJ. I was supposed to be getting in to the NYPD in January but they are having financial problems and cancelled their Jan academy which blows. Hopefully, I can get in to the July academy if there is one.

I am always changing my split i get bored easily. Right now I changed to a 6 day split but limiting myself to 4-5 exercises a day. One main exercise and 3-4 assistance. It is really my own hybrid method that combines strongman and powerlifting. I haven't done the WS4SB but I have heard many good things about it. The only problem I have is it is just 4 days lol. I would rather train 40-50mins 5-6 days a week than an hour 4 times a day. I guess I am just a endorphin stimulus junkie lol. I would do farmer's walks, and atlas stones, and sled pulling too if the weather didnt suck so much here in winter.

Sun- Bench (re or de)
Mon- Squat (re or ME)
Wed- Bench (me)
Thur- DL (me or re)
Fri- Oh (me or re)
Sat- Back/bis

As for the arms compliment thanks. They are almost 17 inches now which aint too bad. I credit most of my arm size to pullups, benching, and triceps exercises. I really only do curls to have balance and injury prevention.
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