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I briefly skimmed through the study mainly on the forearm results as that is more resistance training. It seems to me that icing didn't really have any negative affects whatsoever following training. They found the slightest increase in muscle thickness in the control group and called it a tendency for not icing to improve muscle mass, and the opposite for the cold group when neither results were statistically significant. Yes they found an increase in brachial artery diameter in the control group but it was only half a mm which may have been statistically significant but how that translates to being clinically meaningful i don't know. I bet the difference in artery diameter between the two groups is also not statistically different based on the graph.

I think the important thing from this article is to look at the the results, cooling did not affect muscle gains, there were no changes in maximal muscle strength in either group, and both groups showed endurance improvements. Based on that I would say icing post exercise does not appear to hinder results. Interesting article nonetheless.
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