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this was a conversation i was having over at my other thread on another is her response and my response is in blue.

HSP --> Wouldn't that invoke the inflammatory response for longer, and keep the free radicals in the muscle longer, and well as the reactive oxidative species? I thought we want inflammation to go down which is why people take fish oils, gluatmine and vit c and e after workouts?

i don't know that inducing HSP's would necessarily invoke an inflammatory response...interesting, HSP's induced by heat stress can actually reduce oxidative stress...which is possible it way HSP's help fight skeletal muscle atrophy during disuse.....this is just my theory on how to further induce's out of the scope of my current lab to actually look at HSP's but as we know, the practice is always ahead of the science.

But Jer, if you think about when you're sick, keeping the body in an ice bath helps speed metabolism, and ice is what you usually put on to REDUCE inflammation....

So you could try a mixed bath after your need hiit session


i would argue that acute inflammation isn't a bad thing...what do you guys think?
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