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Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
Great points. Basically what we know from studies on concurrent training is that the effects appear to be specific to the muscle groups trained. So if you were to do say cardio for the lower body it may not effect the upper body. Probably because negative regulators of protein synthesis are generally upregulated in the trained muscle groups.
thats good news. I typically do my cardio sessions on mon and fri, which are both upper body days, and do my legs on wednesday. If I read what you said right, there should be minimal/no interference, right?

Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
Now if we are dealing with legs then yes, seperating the sessions would be ideal. For strength purposes there appears to be little interference when cardio is performed the next day, but if you are doing legs at night, while protein synthesis may be back up, it is possible that the residual fatigue such as glycogen depletion from the morning session could impair performance at night. So if cardio is done on the same day, the reccomendation would be to do lower intensity, less glycogen depleting training.
The glycogen depletion is what makes me a bit hesitant to do pm lifting following am cardio. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it typically takes only 6 hours to renew glycogen stores (using proper pwo nutrition). Also, I believe a good shot of caffeine pwo will help glycogen uptake allowing this am/pm session split to work my feasibly.
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