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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Thanks for all your responses and help superbilt. I appreciate it greatly. Hope your lower back is feeling healthy now!

Wow, 545 at 181! That is awesome, you must be one of the strongest members on this site pound for pound! Any other advice on my contest prep?

Thanks. Right now I am around 188 and I haven't tested my dl in awhile. Right now I have a new plan for my deadlift and I believe it will be successful. I need to get my technnique back. Also, the dl is an emotional lift. If I get angry and focused but not too crazy I pull good. If I am not fired up enough I wont even get it off the floor assuming it is 90% or more.

As for contest prep when is your contest? Since it looks like you are doing full body split I would keep training up until 7-10 days out. Then work up to an opener on each of those lifts. Then may be 5 days out you might want to work up to 60-70% of your max for 2-3 reps just to get the groove right. Then after that rest. And make sure after you weigh in eat and hydrate. I dont know if you are weighing in the night before or the morning of but either way try to bloat yourself it will help on the squat and bench. If you have any videos of your lifts post them and maybe I can give you some form advice.
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