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I modified my complex (more accurately called a circuit) a little. This really felt great. Point was to acitivate muscles that don't always get hit properly and just get the heart rate going.

Overhead Squats 20lb - 10 reps (wow...these were tough!)

Swiss Ball Step Offs – 20 reps

1 Arm Military 22lb DB Press – 10 each side

Single leg split squat – 10 each leg

Step-ups (driving the non-working leg up) holding DB's – 10 each leg

Face Pull/External Rotation – 20 lb cable, 10 reps

T-Push ups – 5 each side

2 point - 1 Arm 32lb DB Row - 10 each side (hit core, because I was not supporting my torso)

Plate Out Front Squat, 25lb – 10 reps

Reverse Hypers – 10 reps

Swiss Ball Step Offs – 10 reps

Lunge off 6” block (holding DB's)– 10 reps

Box Squats 70lb – 10 reps

Floor Press 70lb – 15 reps

Single Leg Deadlifts (holding DB's)– 10 each leg

Face Pull/External Rotation – 20 lb cable, 10 reps

Romanian Deadlifts 70lb - 10 reps

Deadlift shrugs 70lb - 10 reps (shrugs in a 1/2 completed deadlift position)

I do the circuit with no rest.

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