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Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
Off days would be great. One thing i am thinking is when proteins are most susceptable to unnecessary breakdown. After exercise just by the nature of the acidic environment proteins which were not damaged may be unfolded and then tagged by the Ubiquitin system and degraded unnecessarily. Since heat shock proteins refold proteins it may be advantageous to include HOT baths on days where you really obliterate your muscles to the point where you know you shocked them to the point where you r going to have a hard time moving the trained body part the next day. Its in these situations where I think you may be in danger to degrade proteins unnecessarily. So during those time, and on off days, deloading, and injury would be perfect

I'm also curious if the frequency of this should increase during periods of dieting? What do you think? It seems that it may have a sparing effect like HMB
i agree with you...i'm going to respond to this by just writing my if this is confusing, but this makes sense to me answering like this

1)HSP72 has been shown to help combat atrophy

2)HSP72 has been shown to prevent protein degradation during reduced contractility

3)HSP's are activated with exercise...even occlusion activates HSP's

4)Research has shown that when patients sat in a hottub, it improved glycemia, by unknown mechanisms...i postulate here that it may very well be through HSP72

5)if a hottub does in fact increase HSP72, it could help during periods of inactivity and even in metabolism

6)HSP72 overexpresion has been linked with an increased energy expenditure because HSP72 overexpresion in skeletal muscle prevents high fat-feeding induced increases in bodyweight and fat pad weight. this was attributed to increased EE because the prevention was not related to hypophagia, because both groups consumed the same amount of food
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