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New Split:

Squat 250 3x5 (personal best)
Military Press 152.5 2x5, 1x3
Pendlay Row 200 3x5

Standing Ab Pulldown 40 3x15
Chin up BW + 5 1x8

I will put Military Press first in order next time and give it another try despite missing two reps. The Pendlay involved some body english so as the Rippetoe program suggests, I will now go back 10%. I used body english on 195 so I am actually going to go back to 175. Still felt awesome though, since my old 1 rep max was 200lb in August for the Pendlay row!

Musical motivation: Rancid's first album

Busy day, set up my house with Christmas decorations. It involved lots of going up and down steps with box upon box. My house looks great now and my children had a great time helping out. I love the Christmas season. I am still nursing a cold but was able to sleep in today and hopefully I will sleep in tomorrow as well.

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