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I will have to make some adjustments to my split. As my lifts get closer and closer to my TRUE 5 rep max, it gets more taxing. Plus, I think the 3 heavy sets of squats are fatigueing my lower back prior to the deadlifts. I will also add a third workout to give myself several more days of recovery before repeating a workout.

Old split (based on Rippetoe):

Workout “A”
Squat 3x5
Bench 3x5
Deadlift 1x5

Workout “B”
Squat 3x10
Military Press 3x5
Pendlay Row 3x5

New Split:

Bench 3x5
Deadlift 1x5
Assistance Work (rack pulls, rack bench, etc)

Squat 3x5
Military Press 3x5
Pendlay Row 3x5

“C” - Active Recovery Day
I don’t have any exact plan for this day, but that may be beneficial, this day may become more instinct-oriented where my “A” and “B” days are about strict progression and besting my personal records.
I will use a rep range of 10-20 to encourage a mix of hypertrophy and also recovery from the low rep workouts.
I will likely do a combination of exercises like the ones in my corrective complex (several posts above) but heavier than I do them during the complex.
I may try to throw in my 3 sets of 10 rep Squats (from “B” in the old split) because I really enjoyed them!

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