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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
I am sure you can use a belt. Just make sure it is no more than 4 inches thick (top to bottom) because most feds dont allow any bigger. It is good to see you dont use a belt yet your core will thank you. I didnt use a belt until a few years ago. I started with a crappy nike belt and now I use a lever belt which is great because it is easy to get on. A belt will help you lift a few more lbs but I use it mostly for spine protection. I strained by low back 3x doing deadlifts. That is why I started using a belt.

On the diet yeah mine as well up the calories so you can be a real 198lber. It should help your squat and bench. Not neccessarily the deadlift. From my experience my deadlift suffered from weight gain but my bench and squat got better. I Deadlifted 545 at 181 and now I am 190 down from 196 and I haven't gotten any better at deads.
Thanks for all your responses and help superbilt. I appreciate it greatly. Hope your lower back is feeling healthy now!

Wow, 545 at 181! That is awesome, you must be one of the strongest members on this site pound for pound! Any other advice on my contest prep?

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