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been a while since i posted...had my powerlifting competition this weekend

It was a smaller event, but i had someone there who had been doin a lot of talkin and basically it was my goal to put up [numbers] and shut [him] up

I won best overall lifter, and best deadlift....there wasnt a best bench category or i would have won it too...I also won some straps that have hooks on them as a prize, and can't wait to use them deadlifting.

I weighed in at 163, and while my #s weren't what I wanted, they were good enough to win. I was shootin for 335 or 340 on bench, but it wasn't there Saturday. I should have tried at least 480 on deadlift, as I believe I would have gotten it.

Bench (puase command): 325 (video is too large to send to email for some reason) 330 [just missed]

Deadlift: 460 (video below)
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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