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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
typically a thicker bar will make it harder to least that's what i always thought.

regardless...i'm super excited to follow the process to the contest...strength fascinates me
I think the grip is easier going from standard to Olympic, the standard is too small and sort of hurts the hands while the Olympic feels more natural. I think it gets harder when the bar is bigger than Olympic size.

Thanks for following along Andro!

Saturday's workout:
Military Press 150 lb 3x5
Squat 190 lb 3x10
Pendlay Row 195 lb 3x5

On my previous progression I got 150 on the Military Press, but failed on 155. So next workout I will go up 2.5 to 152.5 lb. Squats felt good, Pendlay are about at their max. I will go for 200 next time but I must admit on my last two reps I was using the hips. I am still excited though, because in August, 200 lb was my max for 1 rep of the Pendlay Row!

13 minutes GPP:
4 minutes Tabata Front Squat 95 lb
9 minutes miscellaneous - T push-ups, swiss ball toe touches, bodyweight exercises

Musical motivation - Soul Fly;

This song really rocks! I'll post lyrics...

James 1:16-17 ESV
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