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Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
Really great paper by Rhea and colleagues. I spoke a lot about this this month in these articles

Referred to these scientists because their meta analysis was extremely helpful, outstanding work on their part!

Its interesting though how with training comes a need for greater intensities, and finally volumes. Its also interesting how highly trained individuals can tollerate 3 days of frequency with high intensity training but that moderately trained drastically decline in strength gains. It appears that as we advance our bodies either become more resistant to damaging protocols, or simply have greater regenerative powers. I think it is a combination of the two. Curious to hear other peoples thoughts
hmmmm i'm thinking the hightened resillience of the muscles you are trying to break down means as you advance you are not regenerating quicker but breaking down less muscle fibres. kind of like the house is up but keep messing round with the extension. could be that the years of building muscle have set a certain amount of muscle that is solid almost as if changed muscle fibre types so that the exercises wont break them down
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