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Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
All great points. One thing is with animal studies, the investigator will give the animal usually 6 times the dosage because when doing pharmacokinetic calculations, it turns out that 'equivalent" dosages between rodents and humans are different by roughly a factor of 6, which takes into account a number of factors, but mainly accounts for the metabolic rate differences between small rodents and humans. I remember when looking into an animal study I want to do with HMB, that the amount of HMB to give them was 0.25 grams/kg body weight. If this is what we as humans consumed it would mean we would take in nearly 20 grams of HMB per day. so the same would apply in this study, you can compare the dosage as 6 times less per kg and that would be how it applies to us

For people who live on cheap protein bars, or vegetarians it may be an issue. For people who just get neglegable soy as Ben suggests, it probably won't have an effect. The main thing is that the study indicates that we should stear clear of purposely consuming soy as a source of solid protein.
Excellent synopsis! I did read most of the study and I do think it is quite interesting, especially the graphs which showed the larger losses of body fat and weight, I know this is due to the AMPK activation but again according to the graphs large losses were seen in % fat mass not ffm. Although it does inhibit protein synthesis I think it could have useful applications as they suggest.

Another important thing to note is that there are many other high sources of phytoestrogens (though I believe soy is the most potent) such as flax oil, beans, and certain grains.
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