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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Sunday: Body Weight 188 lb

11 minutes jump rope
Test of Bench Press Max, 260 lb paused. Rested 1.5 minutes, then did 230 lb x 5 reps

My Father-in-Law wants me to enter a Powerlifting competition because he is thrilled with my progress in the Deadlift. He is a powerlifter himself and recently competed at age 54.

I am estimating my Deadlift max to be about 430 right now. So I figured I would test my Flat Bench max in preparation for the competition. I have been doing DB Inclines, so I couldn't really estimate the Flat Barbell Bench without actually trying it. I did it with a paused rep because that is how I would have to do it in competition.

The competition is just bench and deadlift. I haven't decided whether or not I will do it yet. We will see how the upcoming weeks progress.
you should do it man...get some official lifts....430 ain't no joke
The"Outwork" mindset changed my entire life, perhaps it can help you as well

Muscle Hypertrophy occurs independent of exercise intensity
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