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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
If Germany, Britain, France aren't willing to work with us when in the face of a really perilous situation as you mentioned just because there is a vague disrespect for some of our policies....isn't that pretty petty on their behalf? Can't we unite when things are really important?
It's more about whether these countries agree with our REASON for doing what we are doing over there. There will always be disagreements between the countries on various policies, but there's a inherent political obligation from these countries, as our NATO allies, to help us. I'm not saying everyone is going to get along all the time, but foreign policy is all one big game; you must be careful where you tread.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Trade continues regardless of popularity. China isn't very popular, but check the "Made in" tag of many products you buy, we still buy from them. People will still buy USA made products as well.
And Foreign Aid is best down in the private sector. Less mismanaging of money and far more compassion.
We buy from China because we still have free trade with China. We have free trade with China because it is vital to our economic welfare. Believe me, if we could survive without the Chinese goods, we would cut ties with them. But even the biggest opponents to outsourcing agree that our economy would crumble if we had a trade embargo with China. Occasionally we will pick and choose various industries and apply temporary embargoes on those goods to regulate/calibrate the US market for those goods.

I agree with you on foreign aid being done best in the private sector, but the US will continue to throw money out for it, so why not think of the most efficient way to use it? And that is with the help of other foreign governments in a collaborative fashion.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
They will, Iraqis now control 12 of 18 provinces.
I may sound like an ethnocentric saying this, but this isn't a regular war we're fighting here. We're fighting a culture of guerrilla warfare combined with corrupt politics and political/religious factions. They kill each other over politics and religion! The culture is doomed to be implosive. There is too much unrest.

I hope I am proven wrong.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Do you know why banks loaned out far too much credit?
It sure did have to do with Congress.
The only thing it had to do with Congress is the fact that Congress didn't have strict-enough regulation laws in place. There is speculation that Clinton's administration made it easier for people to get mortgages, and also there was a bill in 2003 that was supposed to tighten lending practices that congress voted against... but the blame should all be on the private sector.

The rest of it was pure greed on the banks' behalves, wanting to lend as much money as possible to people who didn't deserve it, and also by loaning more money than credit-responsible people could handle.
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