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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
did they really pay attention to the issues, or did they vote based on a popularity contest just like any reality show such as american idol, etc..i garuntee if you go into the streets and ask random "youth voters" questions about the candidates most will just stare blankely and confused
Yes, I'm afraid you're right. A large part of the vote differential was due to blacks and youth voters. Chances are they are not well-informed, and they watched their MTV and listened to their favorite Hollywood actors when they said "Vote Obama!"

... Then again, do you think much of McCain's republican base knew about the issues? It's a well-known, and well-debated fact that Democrats have an "empty vote" (meaning someone who doesn't understand the issues) with the minorities and the youth, while republicans have empty votes with the religious base.

I'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the Bible Belt of the South who could utter a word about McCain's issues other than "I reckon I saw a Bible in his hands." Then you have to think about the race factor-- this probably exactly negates Obama's "push" that he got from the black community. Do you realize how racist much of the south is? It's disgraceful to the country.

They talked before the election about the "Bradley Effect." I haven't heard much about it after the election, but I still think it happened. I think that it was quantitatively negated by the black and youth votes. It was buried in McCain's loss, but I really think it was there.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
are we going to get this "change" he talks about...yeah, i am sure we are..but it was already going to come naturally anyway..the economy goes up and down naturally
Yes, this is the natural cycle of the economy. However, there is much an administration can do to either amplify or stifle economic growth. I said in a previous post, I hope that Obama is able to piggy-back off of this inevitable period of growth by implementing fiscal policy that will do great things for this country in that time of growth.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
ALSO..the president really does not have that much power when you look at it..yeah, he can try to sway congress, but really thats what the checks and balances are all about
You're right, and as I've said before, whoever is President is not going to change a whole lot in this country. Nothing DRASTIC will happen.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
so people putting all this heat on Pres. Bush is really unwaranted as most of the economic downfalls didnt start to happen until the democrats controlled congress
... the economic recession is a product of poor regulation. There were incentives for banks to loan out far too much credit, and to people who didn't deserve it. Then there were the credit default swaps, but don't get me started on those.

Basically, it's the fault of the financial regulatory system and the systemic abuse of the lax regulations by financial institutions. Too much greed on Wall Street; it had nothing to do with the President or Congress.

Some say that Bernanke has reacted in a bad way, same with Henry Paulson the Treasury Sec... that's where people want change (because the Treasury Sec is a partisan position).
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