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i dont like obama, but the election is over, so i must support him as my president now..its about unity right?? with that being said, i DO believe there was some race involved, as well as the "youth vote"..its great to see young people get involved in voting..i LOVE IT!, BUT...did they really pay attention to the issues, or did they vote based on a popularity contest just like any reality show such as american idol, etc..i garuntee if you go into the streets and ask random "youth voters" questions about the candidates most will just stare blankely and confused. are we going to get this "change" he talks about...yeah, i am sure we are..but it was already going to come naturally anyway..the economy goes up and down naturally...ALSO..the president really does not have that much power when you look at it..yeah, he can try to sway congress, but really thats what the checks and balances are all people putting all this heat on Pres. Bush is really unwaranted as most of the economic downfalls didnt start to happen until the democrats controlled congress
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