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Thursday - Upper Hypertrophy

BB Bench (Day 12 of 16 RV)
270 x 3
270 x 3
315 x 1 (miss)
270 x 2

Machine Flyes
stack x 18
stack x 12
stack x 10

Rack Pullups
3 sets bw + 60 x 10

DB Pullovers
140 x 5 PR
120 x 8
110 x 9

BB Row
185 x 10
185 x 10
Supersetted with
Single Arm Low Cable Row
stack x 6
150 x 6

Standing Db Curls slow, concentrated
55 x 8
40 x 6
30 x 6

40 x 8
30 x 6
20 x 8

Overhead Rope Tri. Extension
120 x 18
140 x 10
150 x 8

Went in feeling great today, I just felt like tearing **** up... I Warmed up benching and started my work sets with 270. The plan was to get 4 sets of 4 but after the first two sets not going as planned I got pissed off, and impatient. I also wanted to see where I stand as of right now (with only 2 weeks left in the RV) so I put 315 on there and gave it a go. The negative went fine but right as I got it off my chest it just stuck... That was all I needed to fuel the rest of the abuse for the workout. It is so disheartening though to have my one lift just stagnate so bad when everything else progresses at a normal pace. Honestly it makes me feel worthless sometimes to put so much into something and not see it play out as planned, especially when 315 isn't even that much weight to be pressing for just a single at my weight. I guess that is life.. but it will definitely make it worth it when I do hit it. Sorry I just had to vent there a little. Anyway I did hit a pr with pullovers today that I was pretty happy about and that was my aim... to make something positive out of the disappointment.
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