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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
To the Christians who are excited for Obama, can you explain the basis for your excitement?

As a Christian and a person I believe Obama is this country's and this world's best chance for peace. I have never seen the majority of the world become so excited over one single man before. Obama has seen different parts of this world and he has a view very few Americans have. A lot of people around the world hate Bush and I do mean Hate and they lost respect for America because of him. You have people from across the world inspired by Obama that truely believe he will fix things and bring back respect to America.

Lets face it as Americans we are spoiled. We have it much better than the majority of people in this world. We have freedoms and choices in our life. Even poor Americans have it much better than most others in this world. We don't have to worry about being slaughtered on our 10 mile walk to get water each day like people in Africa. We have homes made of brick and wood with heat and air conditioning Not homes made of cow dung.
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