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Education is in shambles. Blame can be equally split between deteriorating morals and values, and also the No Child Left Behind program. In reality, it IS partially about funding, as teachers' compensation is sometimes tied to students' test scores. Also, the curriculum is taught to a test, not to promote knowledge. It's all about the kids doing well on a test, which does nothing for their brains.
As for the potential economic boom, yes, Obama will probably get credit for it. However, as good as the 90's tech boom was, Clinton actually STIFLED the economic expansion with his fiscal policy. Let's hope Obama makes the right fiscal moves during the economic rebound so that we can really springboard out of this recession in the next year or two.

Understood, but religion must have a part in your comment because by asking for fellow Christians' defense of Obama, you are indirectly suggesting that Obama's policies are not as good as McCain's in the context of Christianity.
Gay Marriage and abortion should be a moral dilemma, not a religious dilemma, but in reality there is far more religion involved in these issues than there should be.

God has nothing to do with who won the election. There are plenty of other religions and agnostics that voted in this election too. It is the will of the people, not the will of God. I am sick of hearing about God from presidents. I think republicans bring Church and State way too close together.
Also, "we are going to pay for it" is an incredibly ignorant thing to say. As DC Dave said, no one even blinked at Obama's skin color. It's unfortunate that we still have a racist population in the south.

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