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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
i wrap the very top of my leg with leg wraps to restrict bloodflow to the muscle...for calves i wrap them around my knees....i basically exercise for 2 minutes, then rest for 1 minute, until i reach 20's basically turning low-intensity exercise that would normally train Type 1 fibers into a high intensity exercise, largely without an increase in effort. occlusion training is a restriction of blooflow which has been shown to cause very favorable hypertrophic adaptations...just to name a few

Higher GH than with high resistance training
increased motor unit firing at very low intensites
decreased myostatin gene expression
increased Heat Shock Proteins
Increased NOS-1

all attributable to a metabolic accumulation
For real? Holy crap. I remember just reading a few weeks ago about occlusion with lifting and vascularity... didn't know it could be applied to cardio. That's crazy. So would you compare the metabolic effect of this type of training to that of HIIT-- you know, the "metabolism revving" effect?
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