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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
To the Christians who are excited for Obama, can you explain the basis for your excitement?
How about there's more to a president than religion... Ever wonder why the bible belt is always republican? Because they vote on a religious basis.

Your comments on the "take from the rich, give to the poor" fears is legitimate... however, you must understand that the drug addicsts/alcoholics, and inherently lazy people that will get more money are such a small number when looking at it in the bigger picture. What his upper-income tax hikes will do is provide more money for discretionary spending for things such as education, affordable healthcare, and yes, some will go to welfare. But, as you suggested, welfare does help a lot of people. Unfortunately, all we hear about is how welfare is abused.

Listen, I worked at a grocery store in a sketchy area for a year. I saw people come through with the EBT/Food Stamp cards, dressed in brand new clothes, wearing jewelry, and buying Steak, shrimp, lobster, etc. HOWEVER, if we were to regulate their food purchases we WOULD become a socialist society. It's their choice what to buy- is it unfair? yes, but it's reality. On the other hand, I saw way more people come through the line loading up a cart full of cheap Spaghetti and Potatoes.

Negativity is induced by a magnification of the abuse of the system by a minority of the users; in reality it is corrupt but it DOES help a lot of people.

... and that rant was just about FOOD STAMPS! Education needs a lot of work, as does healthcare.

I think we will see a lot of good be done, and socialism come none-the-closer to this great capitalist country.
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