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i am not ok with this at all. It's got nothing to do with racist, i love/hate everbody equally. lol.

But seriously, i am really upset about it. Not ok with any of his plans that he can actually pull off in his allotted time in office.

Actually seriously considering perhaps moving to europe if things don't get better my sister lives in germany...

Not ok with this, no not one bit...

WHy? he's passive aggressive. Pull out all the troops? slap in the face to every family member that lost a loved one, insult to thier memory, and will probably wreack havoc on the economy. Already is bad enough, more less pull us out of that? please...

If he does what he says he will do, I will no longer care for the future of this country, but spend all my efforts and time insuring the future of my family. Talking bout two years food storage, water and water purifiers, generators, and finish my schooling for my Doctorates in Medicine (which technically i haven't started yet) and assure my families well being, whatever that may be.

Another thing: i think perhaps that taking the super rich, and making them richer by keeping the poor even poorer is crap, but taking from the rich and giving to the, don't get me wrong but, LAZY?!? no sir, thats no bueno... I mean, if you have a job and are doing the best you can (my mother growing up) YES!!! GOV'T HELP IS LITERALLY A LIFE SAVER!!! but making it EASY for, lets just be realistic, lazy alcoholic/drug addicts to do even less and get paid more for it? no thats not cool...

yeah, i think tax cuts for the rich was pointless and ethically wrong, i mean they're already rich why do they need that extra two or twenty k a year, but giving money to those who, frankly, don't deserve it? thats against everything i believe in...
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