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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
Jacob i'm not as clear on this issue as you i'm basically asking what you think....i'm not a proponent of soy in the least bit, but isn't AMPK activated in response to resistance training in the healthy? I know they think chronic AMPK activation is one of the reasons why aged muscle doesn't i guess what i'm asking is, would the effects on mTOR from soy mostly depend upon how long AMPK is activated, acutely or chronically?
Good point, AMPK activation definately is strongly associated with decrements in hypertrophy in aged muscle.

AMPK is also activated with resistance training but this blunts the protein synthesis response to resistance training.

Nutritionally we can turn on AMPK a number of ways, but the main way appears to be by simply lowering the energetic state of the cell (glycogen depeltion) or in this case some component of the soy is actually able to activate AMPK, and thus it is hindering overall protein synthesis
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