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Praise God for this thread.

Psychology and mental health has been an extremely difficult subject for me to deal with and understand - in fact a scary subject to dealve into.

I have spent hours and hours trying to understand depression, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders trying to understand to help others, and self diagnose or help myself to over come mental health problems.

I have seen the movie "A Beautiful Mind" and it paints a scary picture of a life with mental health disorder.

A physical injury or sickness is very easy for me to see or identify, and the symptoms are familiar.

Building mental health, mental strength, and overcoming mental injuries, un healthiness, and sickness must come before the physical building can begin. What is your opinion?

I journal. It has become very important to me for my job, for my fitness, finances, and even personal life. I have been looking for a way to improve my journaling, and this is why this thread has become a blessing.

I have been journaling on a positive - negative basis. In my journal, I would decide if the particular event that occured that I am journaling was a success, or if it was a failure. This type of journaling, which I am learning from this post, is incorrect and will not work. For I judge myself, and my actions of the day and decide if I have failed or not. And I often fail in my mind, but this may or may not be true. But what good does this do to ponder a failure, or even to ponder them so much as to journal them so as to ponder them over and over again later?

I think this enters into the Pschology of bodybuilding, and to add, many other parts of life. Building a sound, healthy, strong mind is also a daily affair and I think can be demonstrated by the way I keep my journal.

I am a novice, but I deem it very important, to target the mind and guard it, and keep it. I think that journaling is a way of seeing what is in my mind. Also, there may be a real connection worth looking at between what is in my mind, and how my body is doing.

I have many entries in my journals that simply end with the phrase "Fail" or more recently "Failed to advance". This could be a disease within my journals that need to be gotten rid of. Thank you here for working with this. Praise God!
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