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I know this is an older thread. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

Life is hard.

No matter who you are, what are you doing, what your circumstances, life is hard. Don't ever forget that, but don't dwell on it either.

Think of when you were in school, the teacher would ask a question, you don't know the answer to, but somehow they would always call on you. That's thought projection, that's life.

I have found, through everything, my experiences, my studies, my everyday life, that looking at the patterns that present themselves everyday hold value. Sometimes small, sometimes large, they are meaningful. Whether you take a scientific approach, or a religious approach, or both for that matter, the idea is the same.

With that being said, if you wake up everyday, with the feeling of assertion and confidence, you will never feel unprepared. Never thinking you "don't know the answer," or, "I hope this doesn't happen." This will only lead you to problems.

The idea is so simple yet hard to truly apply.

Think positive. Always. Look at the negatives, but don't let them consume you. They are like a sickness, they will overwhelm you. If your mind is not prepared to deal with them, like a virus in a weak immune system, they will wreak havoc. Truly dwelling on a negative situation, you will often find that situation staring you in the face. Instead of thinking about how it will destroy you, only think about how you can overcome it, with thoughtful action.

Of course, that's more easily said then done. Especially when you are always bombarded with issues. You always feel under the weight of problems that never seem to end. You keep thinking that if you keep a positive attitude they will stop, but they wont.

Now you have to look at the bigger issue.

Where are you? Why are you in this place? What about your current situation affects you, or perhaps can be related to these problems? Look outside yourself for a day. Look at what you say and do, and how it reflects on you either physically, emotionally, situationally. Look at your personal patterns. Self analysis is key!

I used to be miserable. Always sad, depressed, reclusive. I thought the world was my problem. The problem was me, not dealing with me, but dwelling on problems outside my control.

You can find massive amounts of philosophy, scripture, psychology, new age philosophy and psychology, even quantum science that all play into these ideas.

I have read the bible (large portions anyway), I have read Lao Tzu, I have read buddhist philosophy, Zen, modern psychology, you name it.

All I can say in closing this thought (sorry it's so long) is this:

Stay awake, aware and ALWAYS positive. Keep an open attitude, always looking and seeing, there are lessons everywhere. Take what you can from EVERY situation and think about how it applies to every facet of your life. Look at both your inner and outer self. In every situation analyze the role YOU play in it. Don't rely on others to make you happy. Don't take anything for granted. Always do what you can for others, regardless of their opinion of you. Surround yourself with positive influences. Remove the negative. Always keep a light heart, the pressures of life always will want to weigh you down.

I hope I haven't rambled too much...

All I can say is that integrating these philosophies into my everyday life has worked wonders for myself and my current place in life.

Good luck to anyone who reads this, I hope it has struck a note in some way or another...
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