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Had a busy and great weekend, will try to remember what I can from Friday and Saturday....

Incline (rest 90 seconds between sets)
185 @ 10
185 @ 10
185 @ 8

CG Decline
135 @ 10
185 @ 10
245 @ 6

Str8 Bar Curl (90 sec rest)
75 @ 10
95 @ 10
105 @ 10

Diamond Presses ss w/ Skull Crushers
75s @ 10, 80 til fail

Decided to play a little game with my was to superset str8 bar curls and dips, until you reached 100 reps. Trick was, you could only do ten reps per exercise and therefore a sort of sprint was involved between stations. My brother did bench dips and just the str8 bar, whereas I did real dips and 100 lbs on the str8 bar (he is just in high school). Well, I let him stay ahead of me until I reached my last 10 reps on dips and then pumped them out to win. Awesome pump and the heart rate was thumpin!!


7.5 min mile (HIIT style )

Squat to 12" bucket (sit on bucket, explode up, 90 sec rest between sets)
10 x 185 @ 2

Pull throughs w/ purple band
3 x 10

Standing calve raises
3 x fail

Hanging leg raises (sloooooow), V-ups, incline situps, Swiss ball crunches: for rest, just destroyed em

That was it. Whole workout was completed with basically no rest.

bwt: 167.5
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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