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Funny thing you should ask how it is going... this has not only been the periodof the Hyperplasia Challenge, but I have been presented with some of the greatest challenges of my life! I had a minor surgery when the challenge started, so it was no big deal. But one of the big deals is the worldwide financial crisis. I own a business [landscaping] which is usually considered a luxury for people. Work is drying up and I have decided to stop replenishing my supplements [whey, HMB, etc] except for those for basic health. Bodybuilding is a luxury. I did cancel my Gold's membership but still have a local gym membership. I am not sure how long I can afford to keep it. I have two sons in Catholic schools and all family resources have to to go to them first. So, I have been working out and I am getting stronger, but my bulk has turned into a cut since I have cut back on supplements.

I wish everyone all of the blessings that God can bestow on you and your families!
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