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Friday- Lower Hypertrophy

Machine Front Squat
3 sets 605 x 10

Machine Squat
400 x 12
450 x 10
500 x 8

Single Leg Ext.
135 x 15
150 x 10
165 x 10

Wtd Glute-Ham Raise
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 10 x 10
BW x 10

Seated Leg Curl
Stack (285) x 12
"" x 8
"" x 8

Pretty good lift, getting enough sleep is an issue thats getting the best of me and will probably catch up to me but I fought it pretty well today. Definitely saw that I'm going to have reduce my PR for the Wtd GHR's too cause they were heavy as hell. I set up the machine differently to make sure the movement is harder, and where I could really focus on my hams harder. I knew something was wrong when sets of 10 or more felt simple (since I know this is a very difficult movement even without weight.)

Saturday- Russian Bench/ Weak point

BB Bench (Day 4 of 18 RV)
240 x 4
240 x 4
240 x 3 (hit the bar holders so it killed my rep cadence)
240 x 4
240 x 4
240 x 4

Stand Db Curls
45 x 15
50 x 8
35 x 12

Camber Bar Curls
80 x 12
60 x 15
60 x 12

Really liking the RV thus far, my bench already feels a good bit stronger. After the benching I just did some light, slow, and concentrated bi work. After that I headed out since I still feel pretty sore from thursday and I want to be fresh on monday.
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