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Tuesday- Lower Power 55%

Machine Front Squat
5 sets 270 x 5 (different style machine so I had to go lighter)

Occlusion Leg Extension w/ 30 sec rest
80 x 30
80 x 10
60 x 12
50 x 15

Glut Ham Negatives
3 sets BW x 5

Machine Leg Curl
120 x 15
150 x 10

Occlusion Seated Calf Raise w/ 30 sec rest
90 x 30
90 x 11
90 x 12
90 x 10

Was at a different gym today so I had to make some adjustments with weights and whatnot due to different equipment. Though I am not caffeinating up or stomping into the gym like i'm ready to kill someone, these few weeks are a nice change of pace to let me recover and get ready to hit some new prs .
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