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Monday- Upper Power 55% (except bench)

BB Bench
6 sets 240 x 3

Rack Pullups
5 sets BW + 60 x 5

Lat Pulldown
220 x 8
205 x 10
190 x 12

Camber Bar Curl
5 sets 85 x 5

DB Curl
50 x 10
40 x 5

Rope Tri Ext.
110 x 15, 10, 9, 8

Nice easy day today since I am starting another cycle of periodization. Bench felt good today, I hope it is a sign of good things to come! These coming weeks will really show me though as the workload will continue to increase. Now my program may look a bit confusing so I will attempt to elaborate. Basically I am using periodization for everything except my bench right now which I am using Russian Volume for. So each week I will increase the % of my 5 RM until I do 100% of it, then break it the next week. Bench will be different but the end goal will be the same, breaking my previous PR.

Here are my goals (the exercises I plan to break them on) for the end of this cycle:

Machine Front Squat: 1100 x 5 (previous best 1000 x 5)
Weighted Glute-Ham Raises: BW + 60 x 5
Rack Pullups: BW + 110 x 5
Camber Curls: 155 x 5
BB Bench: 315 x 1
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