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Past 2 days:

Friday- Legs Hypertrophy

Barball Squats w/ Thick Chain
225 + whatever chain weighs, 3 sets of 10

Leg Press
540 x 12
720 x8
540 x 10

Leg Extension w/ occlusion *30 sec rest btwn sets
135 x 25
135 x 10
105 x 12
90 x 15

Glute-Ham Raise
3 sets BW x 10

Leg Curls w/ occlusion *30 sec rest
105 x 30
105 x 15
120 x 15
120 x 15

Felt a little better today but I am still behind on sleep. I'm a really light sleeper and living in college apartments doesn't coincide well with that on Thursday nights or weekends... I've also dropped preworkout stims for a while as I like to save them for max weeks so I don't have to use truckloads to get the desired effect. On another note I found a crazy sale on bulk x factor from nutraplanet which pulled me in (if anyone is interested let me know). I have used regular x factor before and never really had the accentuated DOMS effects but I have only been on the bulk for a week and my DOMS has been just plain retarded. To be honest I hope it doesn't begin to limit my frequency.

I am not quite sure though what to attribute the accelerated effects to... I can think of a few factors that could play a role in it. 1. Is the fact that it is bulk powder and only 10% Arachidonic Acid so to get the 1 gram of AA it requires a dose of 10 grams powder. I'm assuming the other 90% is a fat source and I'm wondering if it could have more AA. 2. I think this may be the main reason... Most of my protein intake lately has come from skim milk, whey powder, egg whites, cottage cheese, and BCAA powder as I have just not had much of a taste for meat or egg yolks recently. None of these are high sources of AA so I very likely had a much lower rate of omega 6 to omega 3 than usual.

Saturday- Russian Bench/Weak Point Training

BB Bench Day 1 RBP
6 sets 240 x 2

Camber Curl
120 x 12
135 x 8
140 x 8

Incline DB Curl
40 x 8
30 x 10
25 x 12

Seated DB Hammer Curl
40 x 10
30 x 8
20 x 10

Decided to start the Russian Bench program today so my max day can be after an off day. (It is a 3x/week high volume program so I will be using it Sa/M/Th.) This will likely be my only chest exercise for the next 6 weeks up to where I can hopefully hit my milestone of 315.

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