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Thursday- Upper Hyper

BB Speed Bench w/ Chains
3 sets 135 + chain x 10

Rack Lockout Bench (set at about midpoint of movement)
275 x 5
275 x 4
265 x 5

Concentrated (slow deep stretch) DB Incline Flyes
55 x 12
60 x 10
70 x 9

Rack Pullups
BW + 55 for 3 sets of 10

Star-Trac Machine Row (seems like it is very light weight but for some reason this machine makes the movement much harder)
90 x 15
180 x 8
140 x 12
140 x 12

Camber Curl
3 sets 80 x 10

DB Preacher Curl
35 x 10, 9 , 10

Lying DB Extension
35 x 10
40 x 7, 8 , 8

Not the best workout today, felt weak and lacked intensity. I haven't gotten the best sleep and had some pretty nasty headaches all week so I haven't been able to be 100%. I'll be back soon though, you can count on that.

A couple of notes on today's workout (which may look odd to those who aren't used to this set up). On hypertrophy days the first exercise for each major muscle group is usually a warm up with 3 pretty light sets of 10 moved very fast and explosively (like speed days for powerlifters), then I move into my work sets. Normally these days are pure hypertrophy focused (lots of volume in the 8-12 rep range) but since I am really focusing on upping my bench power I have incorporated a bit of a westside scheme for chest and tri's training. That's why the rack lockouts and chain bench are in there. This will change though for the next 6 weeks as I am going to try to apply the russian squatting program to my bench. Here's a calculator for that if anyone is interested :

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