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Alrighty lets get this thing started!

First I'll give everyone a little background on myself, what I do, my interests, etc...

My name is Ben (obviously), I am a senior nutrition major at West Chester U in PA, I am a natural competitive bodybuilder (hoping to get a pro card within the next few years), and I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist through the ISSN (where I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Gabe and Jake at their conference this past summer). I love science, especially of nutrition/metabolism and anything that I can apply to muscle hypertrophy and strength or body comp. I plan to continue my education next year in Grad. School studying Nutritional Biochemistry/Metabolism though I have to admit I'm a bit intimidated.

Okay now that you know a bit of my background we can talk about the fun stuff.. I am currently off season and trying to add as much LBM as possible. I follow a split very similar to that of Layne Norton. Here is an idea of what it looks like:

Monday: Upper Body Power
Tuesday: Lower Body Power
Wednesday: OFF/ Rest or HIIT Cardio
Thursday: Upper Body Hypertrophy
Friday: Lower Body Hypertrophy
Saturday: Usually a weak point day where I will focus on any part I feel is lagging or sometimes I take off.
Sunday: OFF/ Rest of HIIT Cardio

That is not a very detailed description but once I start logging my days it will give you a better idea. I also will switch programs up every once in a while or incorporate new techniques depending on my goals.

That brings me to my next important point of this journal. Setting and Achieving Goals. But we can't go there without first telling you where I am now.

Present Goal to be Surpassed ASAP
Bodyweight: A Fairly Lean 212 A Fairly lean 220
Deadlift: 565 x 1 600 x 1
Squat: 415 x 5 445 x 5
Bench: Somewhere around 300 x 1 315 x 1

Now I am no powerlifter and my main focus is to also increase many measurements but I feel tracking strength progressions will be a better short term indication rather than measurements since they take significantly longer to show themselves (at least for me!). My main focus right now is to increase my Bench Press, and Pretty much my entire body mass but moreso my upper chest, bi's and tri's.

To end this long intro I will leave you with some pics and vids.

Morning of my show summer 07':

Stage pic:

Recent back shot from a week or so ago:

I'll get the vids up in a bit...

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