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For a long time in my life, i was miserable. Sports nor faith nor anything could save me from the feeling i had about the world around me.

Then, finally at bottom again, i was convinced to start seeing a therapist again. As i have done this many times in my short life, i had no problem talking to someone. This time, they put me on some medication. I used to never want to take meds because i dont like putting synthetic stuff in my body; just doesnt sound right to me.

But this time i did it, and for someone who has depression that runs in his family, im feeling the best i have ever felt right now, thanks to one silly little pill.

Its important to understand why you feel bad and to objectively look at that, which im sure the journals help a lot. Realize, that you probably wont feel incrementally better and better, but a "Eureka!" moment happens, and you realize that thinks look differently when you change the way you look at things (Max Plankt quote btw ), and i feel that is so true.

So gl in your endevors,
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