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New Question:
I was thinking about employing the Layne Norton style cut (2 week cut after a 6 week bulk) right at the end of this challenge to hopefully cut any unnecessary fat gain during this bulk. However, I am pretty ectomorphic, so I was thinking about only doing it for the last 7 days prior to the final caliper measurements.

My diet would go from:
4477 Calories, 153 fat, 483 carbs, 288 protein (on a day without workouts)
To this:
3159 Calories, 134 fat, 259 carbs, 226 protein (on a day without workouts)

Side note: I only intentionally lowered carbs, the decrease in protein and fat was a side effect. My lean mass is roughly 175lbs so I am still getting roughly 1.3 grams o protein per pound of lean mass.

Any thoughts?

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