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Originally Posted by Link View Post
You have a full day dedicated to biceps??? Can I ask why? and what your full routine looks like?
Well I am not happy with my biceps right now, and I am changing things up. As you see, I threw some cardio in there, so I kinda combined the two.

Sometimes I also neglect doing biceps in the week, so this ensures I get it done. It seems my biceps respond best to high volume.

Tell me those are bench dips and not regular dips? If you are doing regular dips with 145 lbs you are the friggin' man!
Nah, those are regular. I use a belt and attach a chain with a clip to the buckle and then put the chain through the plates. Feels heavy on the waist, haha. I am going to start doing these at the beginning of the workout to see what kind of weight I can do, and the results it will produce.

Yeah XTend seems good so far.
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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